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Veritas Approach

Veritas Pharma is led by a strong management and a renowned team of scientists to address the critical need for real science to support medical marijuana claims. Our mission is to develop and commercialize the most effective cannabis strains. Veritas Cannabis clinical development pipeline include:

  • Chronic Pain (e.g. cancer pain)
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Epilepsy
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The Market

As public perception and patient preference continues to trend positively towards the medical use of marijuana, many analyst believe that the currently $2.9bn industry* is on the verge of rapid growth. This projected growth is further assisted by the continued liberalization of cannabis laws at the national and state levels within North America. Canada has a national medical cannabis program and a newly elected prime minister who has stated his intents on legalizing recreational use of cannabis. In the United States, thus far 39 states have legalized cannabis either for recreational or medicinal use, despite Cannabis being federally classified as a schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

Veritas’ immediate aim is to develop cannabis strains that specifically target cancer pain and nausea. Currently, cancer pain is the largest segment of the opioid market. However, with the increasing public concern over the continued use of opioids for pain treatment a trend towards alternative treatments is expected.

If we can say, Yes, these particular cultivars are effective and work and can save patients’ lives or make lives better, improving their quality of life. That’s something worth investigating and pursuing. That’s what drives me.

Dr. Dom Spina


Our Research and development approach

Veritas innovative research and development approach aims to solve the critical need for real science to support claims surrounding medical marijuana. Our scientific approach combined with our strategic alliances intends to effectively address the concerns over the medical industry’s varied output in content and quality, potency and efficacy.

Three-pronged Approach to Research and Development:

First, we aim to chemically profile different marijuana cultivars.

Subsequently, those same cultivars will pharmacologically be profiled in the search for disease specific strains.

Finally, we aim to perform clinical trials to establish the clinical utility of each cultivar.

This unique approach has the advantage of being low cost, and allows for faster market entry, providing doctors and patients with conclusive scientific evidence to recommend and use our proprietary medical cannabis strains with confidence. Similarly, the presence of conclusive scientific evidence could potentially develop the platform allowing coverage through medical insurance providers.

Production & Growing Facilities

In 2016, Veritas entered into an agreement with Sechelt to acquire 100% ownership of Sechelt, subject to it obtaining an ACMPR license. This agreement was reached with aims to allow Veritas to grow and bring to market its proprietary cannabis strains.

Since July 4th, 2014, Sechelt has had an application pending with Health Canada for the ACMPR license and in February 2017 received notification that it is in the last review stage of the application. Sechelt has entered into a lease with an option to purchase 0.73 acres of fenced, geo-tech industrial property in an approved jurisdiction to build a 2-story facility totalling 20,000 square foot in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada. The plans for this facility include 6,800 sq. ft. of budding rooms, 3,000 sq. ft. of cloning rooms, as well as, a small testing lab and secure storage room. The building and the security requirements have been designed and implemented in compliance with Canadian government requirements. Sechelt personnel include an experienced grow team, who will comply with all of the ACMPR licensing guidelines. Sechelt’s personnel will utilize a unique “no till” technique, which results in the growth of consistent strains, which are both 100% organic and cost efficient. The proposed grow rooms are unique both in construction and design, with each unit meeting airflow management and electrical light requirements. Additionally, Veritas’ growing methods focus on organic procedures for soil management, and the complete exclusion of spraying any types of chemical additives. Finally, the unique soil conditions and growing environment is designed to maximize both quality and quantity of marijuana produced.

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