July 24th, 2017, Vancouver, B.C. – Veritas Pharma Inc. (CSE: VRT; OTC: VRTHF; and Frankfurt: 2VP), an emerging discovery and IP development company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Peter Doig to the advisory board of Veritas Pharma.

Mr. Doig is a Professional Agrologist with over 18 years of experience in Compost Bioengineering, organic soils and fertilizers, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Agricultural Production. For the past 12 years Mr. Doig has consulted and worked in professional greenhouses, as well as several Health Canada Licensed Producers, and Applicants. He has overseen and written standards for certified organic greenhouse production of fruits and vegetables as well as the only Canadian Standards that are specific to cannabis cultivation. Peter joins our advisory board as an expert in cultivation and regulatory compliance.

Veritas CEO, Dr. Lui Franciosi commented, “Mr. Doig’s experience and knowledge will be extremely valuable as we navigate through the final processes of ACMPR application and develop our plans for our cannabis cultivation plant.”

About Veritas Pharma Inc.

Veritas Pharma Inc. is an emerging-stage pharmaceutical and IP development company, who, through Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd. (CTL), is advancing the science behind medical cannabis. It is the Company’s aim, through its investment in CTL, to develop the most effective cannabis strains (cultivars) specific to pain, nausea, epilepsy and PTSD, solving the critical need for clinical data to support medical marijuana claims. CTL’s unique value proposition uses a low-cost research and development model to help drive shareholder value, and speed-to-market. Veritas’ investment in CTL is led by strong management team, bringing together veteran academic pharmacologists, anesthetists & chemists. The company’s commercial mission is to patent protect CTL’s IP (cultivars & strains) and sell or license to cancer clinics, insurance industry and pharma, targeting multi-billion dollar global markets.

Veritas Pharma Inc. is a publicly traded company which trades in three countries including Canada, on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker VRT; in the United States, on the OTC under the ticker VRTHF; and in Germany, on the Frankfurt exchange under the ticker 2VP.

About Sechelt Organic Marijuana Inc.

Sechelt Organic Marijuana Corp. (“Sechelt”) was formed with the purpose of becoming a licensed producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes (ACMPR) regulations. In 2016, Veritas entered into an agreement with Sechelt to acquire 100% ownership of Sechelt, subject to it obtaining an ACMPR license. This agreement was reached with aims to allow Veritas to grow and bring to market its proprietary cannabis strains.

Sechelt owns a secure commercial facility and land and fenced, geo – tech industrial property in an approved jurisdiction to build a 2 story, 10,000 square foot leases with an option to purchase 0.73 acres of MMPR facility in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada.


About Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd.

CTL is a private company owned by a unique group of chemists, pharmacologists, and other medical professionals. With offices located on the campus of the University of British Columbia, CTL has obtained permission from Health Canada to conduct research on cannabis strains. Veritas, through its investment of $1.5 million, in CTL as of April 2017 has obtained an 80% ownership interest in CTL. CTL has also entered a licensing agreement with Veritas, licensing Veritas to market all products developed by CTL.

Veritas Pharma Inc. is a publicly traded company, which trades in three countries including Canada, on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker VRT; in the United States, on the OTC under the ticker VRTHF; and in Germany, on the Frankfurt exchange under the ticker 2VP.


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On behalf of the Board of Directors; Veritas Pharma Inc.

“Dr. Lui Franciosi”
Dr. Lui Franciosi
Chief Executive Officer
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