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Veritas Approach

Veritas Pharma, led by strong management and a renowned team of scientists, is addressing the critical need for real science to support medical marijuana claims. Our mission is to develop and commercialize the most effective cannabis strains and with our strategic alliances, propose to effectively address these concerns over the medical industry’s varied output in content, quality, potency and efficacy.  

Three-pronged Approach to Research and Development
  1. First, we aim to chemically profile different marijuana cultivars. 
  2. Second, these same cultivars will be pharmacologically profiled in the search for disease specific strains. 
  3. Third and finally, we aim to perform clinical trials to establish the clinical utility and efficacy of each cultivar. 

This unique approach has the advantage of being low cost and allows for faster market entry, providing doctors and patients with conclusive scientific evidence to recommend and use our proprietary medical cannabis strains with confidence. Similarly, the presence of conclusive scientific evidence could validate medical marijuana treatments and therapies allowing coverage through medical insurance providers. 

Veritas has already discovered a number of strains that are currently planned for human trials later this year. These strains were identified through vigorous chemical and animal studies. 

Veritas’ cannabis clinical development pipeline includes the following: 

  • Chronic and acute pain (e.g. Cancer Pain) 
  • Nausea & Vomiting (including chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting) 
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  
The Market

As public perception and patient preference continues to trend positively towards the use of medical marijuana, many analysts believe that the current $2.9bn industry* is on the verge of rapid growth. This projected growth is further assisted by the continued liberalization of cannabis laws at the national and state levels within North America. Canada has a national medical cannabis program and the newly elected prime minister has moved forward on the legalization of recreational use of cannabis, now slated for enactment in July 2018. In the United States, 39 states have legalized cannabis either for recreational or medicinal use, despite cannabis being federally classified as a schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

Veritas’ immediate goal is to develop cannabis strains that specifically target cancer pain and nausea. Currently, cancer pain is the largest segment of the opioid market. With increasing public concern over the continued use of opioids for pain treatment and the addictive consequences, has spurred the development of alternative treatments and therapies. 

Our R&D Approach

Veritas Research and development goals are as follows: 

  • To chemically profile different cannabis cultivars. 
  • To pharmacologically profile those cultivars in the search for disease specific strains. 
  • On the basis of the findings above, perform clinical trials to prove clinical utility. 
  • NOT follow the traditional pharmaceutical development pathway to get to market (i.e., 10+ years). 
  • Conduct basic safety and efficacy profiling of cultivars. 
  • Be in clinical trials within 2 years of finding lead cultivar(s). 
  • Immediately market clinically effective cultivars as prescription medicines. 




Current Research Status
  • Established the necessary laboratory space, qualified personnel and access to necessary equipment for the chemical and pharmacologic analysis. 
  • Established a variety of animal models of disease conditions including pain, nausea, behavioural, safety  (cardiac and respiratory) with complementary screening procedures in isolated cell cultures. 
  • In terms of chemistry, over 250 experiments have been performed thus far. 
  •  And over 150 pharmacological and biological studies have been carried out. 
  • Two cannabis strains have been identified as potentially therapeutic; one for pain and the other for nausea. 
  • In conclusion, we have a skilled and trained team of scientists that have been able to realise more of the therapeutic potential of cannabis in a comprehensively scientific and systematic manner. 
Next Research Steps
  • Results to date have allowed Veritas to focus on performing clinical trials in order to establish the efficacy of candidate strains specifically in terms of their effects on humans and treatment of human diseases. 
  • Preparation of scientific literature (conference abstracts, peer-reviewed journal articles, book publications, etc.) for the education of the medical community and to establish Veritas’ reputation and brand.  

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