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Veritas Pharma Product Development Approach

Veritas’ innovative research and development approach aims to solve the critical need for real science to support claims surrounding medical cannabis. Veritas Pharma through its research and development arm Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd. (CTL) is developing innovative products and treatments for acute pain, chronic pain, sleep disorders, opioid harm reduction, and palliative care.


Product Pipeline:

Developing much needed alternatives, improving patient care.

Acute Pain (CTL-X):

CTL-X is our most advanced product in our pipeline. The efficacy of CTL-X was established through our biological assays, and is now scheduled for clinical trials.

Chronic Pain:

Cannevert has screened numerous strains for their potential effectiveness in treating chronic pain through its biological assays.

Addressing a global healthcare

Opioids Harm Reduction:

The addictive harm of opioids can be potentially reduced through treatments that include cannabis strains that are specifically designed to treat pain.

Optimizing benefits, delivering a better solution for patients.

Sleep Disorders:

There is anecdotal evidence that suggests cannabis may assist with sleep. Cannevert is working to develop biological assays to identify the most effective strains in treatment of sleep disorders.

Resetting standards, innovating an established industry.

Palliative Care:

Cannabis may be a more viable option and possibly a more ethical option to chemical restraints and excessive prescription of opioid painkillers for seniors. We are currently investigating cannabis products that may be better alternatives to existing treatment options.

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