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Veritas has established an exclusive partner alliance and investment in Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd., a research & development company, with the main office on the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus. Cannevert has brought together a team of pharmacologists, anesthetists, and chemists with substantial prior success in drug development in both academia and industry. This alliance will provide Veritas with the needed technical ability to achieve its vision in terms of research, development & commercialization goals.

 Cannevert’s Current Director and Pharmacology Advisor is Dr. Micheal J. A. Walker.

About Dr. Michael J. A. Walker

MichealMichael Walker PhD received training in pharmacology at the University of London UK. This included a period of drug discovery research at Pfizer Ltd. UK. He also received a PhD from London after initial studies in Hong Kong. His main interest has always been the discovery of drugs (whether naturally occurring or not) and in the process of drug discovery itself. His research commitment was always academically based and in addition to over 40 years at UBC has contributed to various universities around the World.

A love of drug discovery has meant a commitment which has strengthened over the last 25 years, to drug discovery, creating biotech companies, and leading searches for new drugs. Altogether, he has been the founder or co-founder of 8 different drug discovery companies, both private and public. Public companies include Cardiome Pharma (TSX:COM) in Canada, and Verona Pharma Ltd in London (AIM:VRP), UK. Private companies were founded principally for drug discovery purposes, but also include a contract research organization (Pneumolabs UK Ltd.). In addition, he has been a director on other companies with the most recent of which, IOMet was recently acquired by a large pharma company. Such activity has not impeded academic research activities that have resulted in many publications, conference presentations, lectures and a large collection of patents.

His driving force has always been drug discovery. Most recently this has led to the foundation of Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd.; a company designed to create, and inact, a coherent and rational attempt to insert strict scientific rigour into the rational and proper therapeutic use of cannabis, and its constituent cannabinoid molecules, as opposed to uses based upon anecdotes, presumptions and profit-seeking.

The #1 reason I got into this, is I think we can get somewhere significant in a relatively short period of time. A relatively short time in drug discovery is as little as one or two years.

Dr. Michael Walker

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