During recent years there has been substantial demand by Licensed Producers to better understand the pharmacology and therapeutic potential of their cannabis strains and related products.

Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd (CTL), has assembled a leading team of highly skilled experts in the fields of chemistry and pharmacology, with substantial experience in the pharmaceutical industry. This level of expertise is rarely seen outside of leading pharmaceutical companies and is even less available to Licensed Producers in the need of validating the efficacy of their therapeutic claims. CTL is developing techniques and processes to identify and profile cannabis strains from one batch to another, especially strains utilized for medical purposes. By providing the ability to develop monographs based on actual results, CTL can continue to monitor batches for consistency.

Chemical and Microbial Analysis

Ensuring patient safety, providing a chemical footprint of your cannabis

Cannabinoid Testing

Tests will quantify presence of THC, THCA, CBDA, CBD, CBN, and other relevant cannabinoids across various cannabis batches and strains.

Microbial Analysis

Almost all cannabis samples include bacterial, fungal and other microorganisms that have potential to harm patients and CTL’s quality screens will identify the presence of these microorganisms.

Terpene Profiling

In addition to cannabinoids, terpenes have been shown to have therapeutic value. CTL’s screens will assist in profiling the presence of terpenes, as well as, cannabinoids, to help better unlock the therapeutic value of cannabis strains.

Toxin Analysis

Testing for naturally occurring toxins and carcinogens in accordance with Health Canada requirements.

Metals Analysis

Heavy metals can potentially accumulate in cannabis batches through water or soil thus,  CTL’s metal analysis will identify the presence of lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium.

Residual Solvent Analysis

CTL’s screens will identify the presence of harmful chemicals, solvents and other impurities.

Pesticide Scanning

CTL will provide reports identifying potentially harmful pesticides in samples to ensure harm prevention.

Biological and Clinical Assessment

Establishing the real therapeutic value of your cannabis products

Cannevertis is in the process of developing and refining biological assays that address the following areas of industry interest:


in vivo Pharmacology:

  • Cardiovascular safety models
  • Lung safety models
  • Pain models (acute, chronic)
  • Emesis models (Nausea and Vomiting)
  • Behavioural models
  • Sleep model
  • Glaucoma model


in vitro Pharmacology:

  • Cancer cell models
  • Electrophysiology – brain and heart cells


Cannevert clinical scientists design and implement clinical studies that address the following areas of industry interest:


Clinical Pharmacology

Proof-of-Concept Studies in Healthy Subjects and Patients in the areas of:

  • Simulated Pain
  • Optimal Dosage and Frequency
  • Product Delivery Device Compatibility


Clinical Patient Studies in areas of:

  • Heart and Lung Safety Assessments
  • Acute and Chronic Pain
  • Seniors/Palliative Care
  • Addiction/Craving
  • Sleep
  • Asthma



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